Crossboundary IV 

Koto lecture & concert by Nanae Yoshimura

December 5 2014, 19h 

HITOMI hall, Nagoya, Japan


Demonstrate Imai’s newest piece “after the sounding” for Koto with Yoshimura 

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music x flower x Azumaryu (Japanese sake) 

July 25 2014, 20h-26h 

Live and Lounge vio (Flex B2F), Nagoya, Japan


Tink (2003) for flute and clarinet version

Ayako Okubo, Flute 

Misaki Oda, Clarinet 



Yasui Hidetaka, Flower arrangement 

Yuta Kakeno, Video 

Toshi (hair 7030), Hair-make 

Chikage Imai, Music and art direction 

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Crossboundary III 

Flute lecture & concert by Ayako Okubo

July 18 2014, 19h 

Nagoya design center building 7F, the 1st studio, Nagoya, Japan


Verbalizing (2009) for flute solo

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“Drawing” is on portrait CD of Saar Berger released from Ensemble Modern Media 

The piece written for Saar Berger, a Israeli horn player in 2012. 

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3 times “Osmosis phoneme” in Serbia 

2014 MINI SERIES - Ensemble Studio 6 

April 21 2014, 21h 

CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia


April 29 2014, 20h 

Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia


April 30 2014, 18h 

SKC, Kragujevac, Serbia


Osmosis Phoneme (2007) for trumpet and recorder

Karolina Bäter, Recorder 

Nenad Marković, Trumpet



Crossboundary II 

Recorder lecture & concert by Tosiya Suzuki

March 1 2014, 19h 

Nagoya design center building 7F, the 1st studio, Nagoya, Japan


Demonstrate Imai’s newest piece for recorder solo with Suzuki 

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