Simulgenesis is on CD released by Ensemble Modern Media

This CD is collective of music by young composers who participated in the International Ensemble Modern Composition Seminar 2004-2013.

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Vio de bio 7 - Christmas collection 2013 -

natural wine x contemporary art

December 21 2013, 19h-22h

Live and Lounge vio (Flex B2F), Nagoya, Japan

visual installations based on

Vectorial Projection IV (2008) × Martin Boverhof

Morphing - a state of matter (2011) × Martin Boverhof *

Mare’s tail Lazulite × VjK (Kaoru Yamamoto) *

Arcs (2013) × Takuma *


5 pieces from Piano Suite “Britcha became a rainbow” (2005)



“Hamabe no uta”

“Aozora no uta”

“Britcha became a rainbow”

Konami Tanaka, Piano


    *    the videos are world premier


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Ernest Rombout at the Omnibus Laboratorium 

November 12 2013, 18h

The organ hall of The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

Oboe solo (2013)



Crossboundary 1

Oboe lecture & concert by Ernest Rombout

July 12 2013, 19h

Nagoya design center building 7F, the 1st studio, Nagoya, Japan

The first project by Seainx project, a Dutch oboe player, Ernest Rombout

presents a lecture and concert with music written by Donatoni, Berio, Kurtag and so on. 

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Osmosis Phoneme

June 28 2013, 23h

Märta Måås-Fjetterström Atelier, Båstad, Sweden

Osmosis Phoneme (2007) for trumpet and recorder

Miako Klein, Recorder

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet



Abonnementkonzert of Saxophone Ensemble

June 22 2013, 18h (open at 17h30)

Ushigome Tansumachi Kumi Hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Seductive Realm (2004) for saxophone quartet and piano

Saxophone Ensemble



Vio de Bio 6

April 12 2013, 20h (the performance starts around 22h)

Live and Lounge vio (Flex B2F), Nagoya, Japan

chikage imaiproduce Live showanello. x misaki oda

(An installation of music and flower arrangement)



Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital

March 30 2013, 15h

Yodobashi church, Shinokubo, Tokyo, Japan

Arcs (2013)

for Sho, Great bass recorder and 20-stringed koto

Toshiya Suzuki, Recorder

Mayumi Miyata, Sho

Yuriko Sakamoto, 20-stringed koto

(New Trio)

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