November Music Festival 2012

November 9 2012, 20h30

Muzerije Pleitzaal, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

H into H (2009/2012)

Ere Lievonen, Haprsichord

Misha Sporck, Horn



H into H (2009/2012)

for horn and harpsichord

Awarded an honorable mention by Prix Annelie de Man Prize



Joji Yuasa ou la poétique des formes

April 20 2012, 20h

Église De Saint Pierre Le Vieux, Strasbourg, France

Tink (2003)

(flute & Clarinet version)

Ayako Okubo, Flute

Thomas Monod, Clarinet




Participation of Ken Ishii’s new album “Music for Daydreams” 

I made music materials for his composition titled Scapula

(for listening itune)




Update a recording of Morphing - state of matter (2011) on Myspace




Music from Japan festival

Feb 19 2012, 14h

Merkin Concert Hall, NY, U.S.A

towards G (2012) for 5 musicians

Elizabeth Brown, Flute

Marianne Gythfeldt, Clarinet

Michael P. Atkinson, Horn

Ah Ling Ne, Viola

Fred Sherry, Violoncello

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