Update photos of Canal Art 2011 (19/Nov/11)

Contemporary Music concert (09/Oct/11) 

Workshop & Pre-event (05/Oct/11, 07/Oct/11)



On newspaper

Oct 27 2011 on The Asahi Shimbun

Interview about Canal Art 2011 



Lecture at 2nd LLD

Oct 15 2011 14h30, Sugiyama Jogakuen Univeristy

Design in Music - image of sound



Dounji Conert (Dounji temple)

Miako Klein & Sava Stoianov 

Music for recorder and trumpet 

Oct 12 2011

Dounji, in Shirakawa-cho, Gifu, Japan



Nakagawa Canal Art Project No. One

-Contemporary Music- Presents #1 produced by Chikage Imai

Miako Klein & Sava Stoianov

Music for recorder and trumpet

Sun, 9 Oct 2011 18h30,

Nakagawa canal, The 3rd strage of  OKAYA & Co., LTD, in Nagoya , Japan


Osmosis Phoneme (2007) for trumpet and recorder 


Synecdochism <impluse> (2008)

Cross-media by Film(Karate-do kata performance), Stage design and Music 

Miako Klein, Recorder

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet

Masako Ito, Stage design

Shin Narita, Karate-do Kata performer (film)



Nakagawa Canal Art Project No. One

Cross-talk & Music 

Fri, 7 October 2011 19h, Art Lab Aichi B1F event space, in Nagoya, Japan

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Released an article about Joji Yuasa

by Chikage Imai on “Kozui” a Japanese magazine 



Takefu International Music Festival 

Fri, 9 September 2011 17h, Fukui, Japan

Mare’s tail Lazulite (2008)

for piccolo, soprano recorder, harp

Ritsu Okuda, Flute

Toshiya Suzuki, Recorder

Takayo Matumura, Harp



Lucerne Festival 

Fri, 26 August 2011 22h, Lucerne Theatre, Lucern, Switzerland

Seductive Realm (2004)

for saxophone quartet and piano

(a transcription of from Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart )

Alliage Quintet



Abonnementkonzert Alte Oper of Ensemble Modern 

Sun, May 9 2011, Alter Oper, Frankfurt, Germany

Morphing - state of matter (2011)

for 7 musicians

Johannes Kalitzke, Direct

Ensemble Modern



Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2011 

Fri, May 6 2011, Festsaal Saalbau, Witten, Germany 

Morphing - state of matter (2011)

for 7 musicians

Johannes Kalitzke, Direct

Ensemble Modern

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